Site Rules - please take a moment to read

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Site Rules - please take a moment to read

Post by villabromsgrove on Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:17 pm

Welcome to Claret and Blue Army. In order for a Fan's Forum to be successful it has to have fair rules. We have set out a minimum of rules below that must be adhered to by all posters at all times.

Always treat your fellow posters with respect. (even when it's difficult)

No posts about other posters ....discuss the posts only.

Post your own honest opinions, no 'posting for effect' and absolutely no 'TROLLING"!

Keep your language moderate, we accept that at times only a swear word will do, but the C word must never be used.

This site will be well moderated with a light hand whenever possible. Please allow the 'mods' to do their job.

These few rules must be adhered to in order for the Claret and Blue Army Fan's Forum to flourish in a friendly and enjoyable environment. Breaches of these rules will be dealt with immediately to protect the posting experience of our members.

Thank you for agreeing to abide by these rules by becoming members.
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